First of all, there are many experiences that had left on me a vivid impression. But, intentionally I have chosen this experience because is that mostly has filled me with life. This experience was de World Youth Day, an international reunion with The Pope. I went to the last one that was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; the last year in the months of July and August. Well, what I like mostly from the people was joyfulness; watching people from all around the world living the same hapiness you feel. It was incredibly amazing. I mean, it was very tired to walk thousands of streets; but when you get to the meeting place where The Pope was, you forget all your tiredness and start shouting and singing along with the people near you. The emotion and affection you see from all the people was something rewarding. I am so happy to remember those 2 weeks when my heart was full of life and hapiness, but hapiness can only give you the God. So, of course you have to open your heart to Jesus, so he can enter to your life and you stared living a life that you won’t regret. Those are the edays that I had lived the most fully in my entire life. Yoy know what? just hearing or watching that The Pope was in the same place as you already fills you with faith and hope. I am so grateful that Jesus gave me the chance to go there.